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First Time Buyer


Buying your first home is HUGE. It can be both exciting and daunting in equal measure.


You've found that perfect place and naturally, you can't wait to get things moving. However, you're soon faced with having to quickly understand and navigate a way through the complexities of securing the right mortgage.


There's really no need to worry. That's where we come in.

Your Mortgage Guide


Make Contact

To get your best quote and start the process call us on 0330122159 or email us to arrange a call back


Prepare your documents

Your documents are important and this will ensure your application process is seamless and its always a great idea to get your documents ready from the outset. 


When making a decision our lenders normally ask for 3 months payslips and last 3 months bank statements. Our advice would be to make sure your address is up to date on all your documents.


Cost involved

We will help you calculate your income and outgoings so that you have an idea what you have left spare each month, which can be paid towards your mortgage. 

Once we understand your income and outgoings, we will take you through the fees that you should expect when applying for your mortgage and they could be arrangement fees, valuation fees and legal fees. 


Agreement in Principle

At this stage we make a formal application once we have agreed on the mortgage type. The application is made to the lender and a formal credit search is completed.


We will obtain an agreement in principle from the lender.


Finding your home

Now the exciting part, where you go and start looking for your home.

With your budget in place and your mortgage certificate you will know what you can spend and get ready for your first home


Mortgage Recommendation

Your offer on your new home is accepted and now is the time to think about the deal you will get on your mortgage.


At this stage we will understand your circumstance, we will then share the best mortgage recommendation for you and your family based on the information we have gathered from you and outline what your monthly payments will be and the costs involved with the mortgage. 

If you approach your bank, they will only be able to offer you their mortgages and with us at Managing Mortgages we will scan through the whole market and get you the deal which is best for you.


Submit Application

We will then submit the application to the lender on your behalf, any additional information we need can be taken over the phone, avoiding you completing any lengthy forms at home and we will arrange all the necessary documents to be sent to your home.

We will send across all the supporting documents to the lender so that they can make the best informed decision.

Through out this process we will keep you informed of the progress and the outcome for your peace of mind.


Mortgage Offer

Once the lender has made a decision, they will send you the mortgage offer, here you need to go through the paperwork and ensure the mortgage package is as expected. If you are unsure of any part of the offer, just contact us and we will be able to clarify any issues. 

You will need to appoint a solicitor who will be in charge of exchanging contracts for your new home and work with you to set a date for your keys to be formally handed to you. 

If you need help finding a solicitor we would be happy to recommend one.

Video Call

Lets get your  journey to your first home started



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